What Happened to Routine Writing?

Hey, what happened to your resolution for “more frequent writing?” :v

I kind of slapped myself for being inconsistent, so I’ll write something here. Not much, but at least I will write.

1. I’m still struggling to fight procrastination. Here’s some good article about procrastination, its nature and how to fight it. And it’s also quite funny 😀

Why it must be monkey? Why not a cat :p

2. Most of my projects were stalled, and I have to solve some problems so I can continue to step forward. However, last semester on my study was decent (although there’s one subject that I have to repeat, sigh) and I also did a pretty exhausting-but-fun Comic class as one of my additional subject. Will share it online after I retouch them a little bit.

Some sneak peek. Still pretty rough, yes?

Some sneak peek. Still pretty rough, yes?

3. Indonesian Movies, especially those who are under the helm of new wave of action/thriller/gore directors are on a very bright state so I’ll write some reviews about them, especially since next month we will have the awaited The Raid 2 \:v/

Well that’s it for now, time to whip my monkey for more productive season.

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