A (Rather Lengthy) “Hello, World!” Post!

“Hello, World”!

Even Grumpy Cat greets you with "Hello, World!"

Even Grumpy Cat greets you with “Hello, World!”

This is the obligatory “Hello, World” post, as you can see five times already. I hope the title didn’t turn you off due to memories of numerous “Hello, World!” that you have seen before (especially if you’re a programmer lol), but to be honest I have no other title idea in my mind, so… Well, why don’t we just start the introductory post?

For the starter, let me say “Hello!” personally to anyone who randomly decided to visit this blog. I am zeroyuki92. Of course it’s not my real name, but it’s the nick that I have been using for numerous years… So I guess I will keep that nick for the future. I am a university student who have aspired to be a lot of figure, ranging from president (when I was 5, so of course it doesn’t count anymore) to game developer.

That last one is one of my childhood dreams, and unlike the “I wanna rule the country” things, I have decided to dedicate my life into being a game designer. I am still an aspiring game designer with very few projects, so let’s just assume that I am still a total beginner. However, I will try my best at being a better game designer from time to time, so wish me luck 🙂

This blog will also contains posts about game development!

This blog will also contains posts about game development!

Let’s head back to main purpose of this post: What is “Lazy Curiokitty”? It’s the name of my personal blog, of course (duh), but as usual there are some reasons behind the naming.

Curiosity had been picked for the name of a lot of things, e.g Curiosity rover in Mars, Random Curiosity (my favorite animanga blog) to some phrases such as “Curiosity Kill the Cats”. Now, I am a cat lover (my first game was about cat and my avatar, such as my avatar in my Deviantart account, is [resembling] a cat), so why don’t you throw it to the name? Thus, born the word Curiokitty, although I know there have been many people who already tried my genius idea 😀

Now, we have one more word : Lazy. It does tend to be seen as a negative attitude, and Sloth actually is one of the seven deadly sins. However, I beg to differ in this case. My interpretation basically summed as : Lazy is not negative attitude, it’s one of the basic personality of living beings.

Cat describes "Lazy yet Curious" perfectly!

Cat describes “Lazy yet Curious” perfectly!

To be exact, it’s a zero state. It’s the state of no/insufficient curiosity to move someone into doing things. If you have heard about cold is the state of no/little heat, it’s basically similar to lazy. Everything conserve energy, you need to receive something back so you can justify the energy loss from your activity. That’s why many manufacture factories respect efficiency highly and you can’t just run many machines without consideration.

Now let’s put Curiosity back to the equation. Curiosity is one of the biggest drive for any living being to do activity. Without that, I won’t write this blog and you won’t come to see this randomly written post. I have a curiosity to share my thoughts, and you have a curiosity to read what I want to share with you (although probably it’s too random at this point, if you still managed to follow my ramblings). To conclude : Every humans (and cats) are lazy, but there are something named curiosity who drive humans to do things, even though you may not get any explicit reward for doing it.

TL;DR version : I am a lazy person/cat* (pick one), but I am also a curios person/cat. Curiosity is the force that moves me to achieve goals that I want and to deliver value that I want to share for many people.

We will inspire a lot of changes!

We will inspire a lot of changes!

“Share”? Yes, it’s the main motivation behind my small start-up wannabe game developer company. Named Alterheart Studio, we were driven by one motivation : “Inspiring changes”. Change is a chain reaction, and we would like to inspire a spark which could inspire some people to create similar life-changing chains. While we have decided to focus most of our effort at creating games, our effort won’t be limited to only games. There are a lot of ways to deliver messages and fun for people, and we would love to reach as many people as possible in the future.

Of course, this is still my personal blog. I will write a lot of non game-development things, such as reviews or some commentary about local or international events. I also love writing although I’m still not really good at English, so please forgive me if I made a lot of grammar/other writing mistakes. Being a grammar nazi here is welcomed, though :p

That’s it, it’s already too long for a mere introduction post lol. See you in the next post!

Once found a purpose, even a cat could break the limit!  Row Row Fight The Power!

Once found a purpose, even a cat could break the limit! Row Row Fight The Power!

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